Owl Chasing

Pairing: JasonTalon!Dick

Warm-up drabble. PWP. 

"We gotta stop meeting like this," Jason grins against the knife pressed at his throat. 

The Talon smiles at him, and Jason’s stupid heart does a hard ‘thump-thump’. 

"I thought you liked our little games," Talon says sweetly, his pale lips brushing against the shape of Jason’s jaw. 

Up close, Jason can see the blue veins across this Talon’s face, but never the color of his eyes. The yellow lens of his goggles concealing them, reflecting the light off them like his namesake. 

"Maybe I’m tired of playing and want my prize already," Jason replies, his eyes locked onto that full mouth. 

Talon chuckles, knowing where Jason’s gaze is, and leans up, brushing his lips teasingly against Jason’s. Making him shiver and gasp a little, before pulling away. Jason bites back a curse. 

"You fucking-" 

"Shh. You gotta work hard to get what you want, -boy-," Talon says pointedly, the knife at Jason’s throat disappearing back onto Talon’s belt. "Maybe, once that happens, I may even take this off for you," he taps at his goggles. 

"Bet you look as good as I imagine," Jason rubbed his throat. 

"And better," Talon grins. "I’ll be waiting for that day. Till then, I’ll be seeing you around…. Jason."